Boost your Dropbox storage by up to 16 GB, forever.


How does it work?

Copy your Dropbox referral link...

...give it to us...

...and let the magic happen!


You provide us with your Dropbox referral link and we will make sure you receive 32 referrals. Dropbox will automatically reward you with 500 MB per referral, resulting in a total of 32 x 500 MB = 16 GB of extra online storage!


up to
16 GB
of extra storage

Referrals can get you a maximum of 16 GB of extra Dropbox storage. In case you've already referred some friends, our service will fill up your extra storage to the 16 GB limit.


Referral bonus space will not expire!

no personal

We only need your unique referral url.

Delivered over a period of
20 days

Referrals are delivered gradually over the next 20 days and you should receive your first few referrals within a day!
Please be aware of other websites trying to copy our service and offering delivery times within a day. This simply does not work; the referrals will not be accepted by Dropbox. Besides that, most of those websites are just pure scam.
Trust us and stick with the one and only dropboxreferrals.com :)


It's that time of year again!

We’re so in the mood for Christmas.

From $ 14.99, now
$ 9.99

That is 16 GB of permanent extra storage,
for less than one month's worth of Dropbox Pro.
That's even cheaper than a USB flash drive.

Step 1

Go to www.dropbox.com/referrals (just click the link) and copy your unique referral link.

Step 2

Paste your unique referral link here:

...and click the button to finish your order at PayPal.com. No worries if you don't have a PayPal account, you will also have the option to pay by credit card.

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Step 3

That's it! Just sit back while we provide you with 32 referrals.
These will be delivered gradually over the next 15 days.

Once a referral is delivered, Dropbox will send you an email.
Referrals will also become visible at www.dropbox.com/account/plan.

Say goodbye to your dropbox storage issues and enjoy your extra 16 GB!


No time to wait for referrals?


We've got you covered! Get a pre-made Dropbox account with maxed out referral space (2GB free storage + 16GB referral bonus space = 18GB of permanent cloud storage). We will send the login details to your PayPal email address within a few minutes. You can change the email and password of the account to your liking of course.

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Dropbox Referrals is popular at universities around the world! We have helped students from universities such as:

Many (small) businesses have used Dropbox Referrals to solve their cloud storage issues.
Please contact us for bulk orders of at least 10 accounts.

We love to hear back from you. Feel free to drop us a line.

Does the trick amazingly well. Thank you. A+
— Pascal Owen, Canada
I found dropboxreferrals.com to be what they claim to be. 16 GB delivered in four days.
— Jane Clark, United Kingdom
Trustworthy website despite initial reluctance, all worries were ill -founded.
— Mike Heath, United States
Works exactly as described. Definitely worth the money!
— James Kroll, Netherlands